Corporate Law and Corporate Consultancy

As a firm policy our primary objective is to provide efficient strategies during the formation of the corporation ensuring the long term sustainability. We believe identifying the priorities of the corporate clients has an essential impact on the steady operation of a company. Therefore, we work with our clients to determine the proper partnership structure in line with their demands. 

  • Providing legal advice on the preparation and renewal of the articles of incorporation
  • Drafting and finalizing a shareholder’s agreement which will designate the corporate relations between the partners,
  • Assisting the client for the better management of certain processes such as share transfers and mergers and acquisitions,
  • Legal Due Diligence,
  • Providing advice on decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors and preparation of the board decisions,
  • Assisting the client on disputes arising out of unfair competition,
  • Execution of capital transactions
  • Advising clients regarding merger and spin-off processes,
  • Providing the company’s conformity regarding the protection of personal data,