Concordat, Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law

We serve our clients by providing solutions in line with their needs and provide assistance during the concordat, suspension of debt and restructuring procedures. In this framework, sector-specific analyses are made; improvement projects that are the most suitable for the real situation are prepared. Acting with an innovative and solution-oriented approach in such processes, we assist companies in overcoming their economic bottlenecks through legal methods and in managing their current debts.
Our clients are openly informed about the procedure and their needs are analyzed according to the information we receive from them and the process is actively monitored. 


  • Consultancy and representative services provided for the companies’ restructuring, concordat, suspension of bankruptcy and similar procedures.
  • Realizing necessary procedures and follow-up for the collection of receivables,
  • Performing necessary actions for the protection of the  rights and benefits when execution and  bankruptcy proceedings  are initiated against the client,
  • Representing creditors or debtors in cancellation of objection, withdrawal of appeal , negative declaratory actions,
  • Representing creditors and debtors in  litigations related to the debt enforcement and bankruptcy law such as objection to signature, objection to debt and action for recovery of property,
  • Preparing and negotiating payment protocols,
  • Providing legal consultancy concerning restricting of receivables or debts of companies or individuals in the pre-bankruptcy restructuring phase.