Work and Social Safety Law

As Ahmet Yum Law Firm, we provide legal services to clients to maximize the productivity of their business relations. Services provided are risk and crisis management and termination of the employment contract in a controlled manner.

  • Drafting and revising employment contracts,
  • Negotiating and drafting of the collective bargaining agreements,
  • Providing legal consultancy and crisis management,
  • Assisting the clients regarding the negotiation of the notifications and workplace practices,
  • Assisting the clients on the preparation  of the workplace regulations,
  • Assisting the clients regarding the collection or payment of the workmanship receivables,
  • Drafting private contracts to be signed with the employees
  • Providing legal consultancy at the workplace regarding the safety and health regulations and training of the employers and employees,
  • Organizing  labor law compliance training
  • Guiding clients regarding the staffing consequences as a result of mergers, acquisitions,
  • Use of external funds