Banking and Finance

As Ahmet Yum Law Firm we provide advanced legal consultation to our clients regarding the operational and organizational structure of the financial institutions and banks. 
For corporate clients operating in the field, our team of lawyers provides legal advice to ensure compliance with the current laws and regulations. Additionally, we also provide legal consultation to clients who are under a contractual relationship with such organizations regarding mortgage, lease, liens and other related contracts. 

  • Providing legal support in the drafting and negotiation process of contracts related to projects, real estate , purchase and finance transactions,
  • Providing legal consultancy services concerning legal regulations governing financial institutions, supervising the clients on project finance operations, 
  • Supervising the clients on construction finance and sale purchase agreements, 
  • Providing legal consultancy on loans including private loans,  
  • Providing legal consultation on capital markets,
  • Providing legal consultation on Islamic finance and sukuk,
  • Providing legal consultation  regarding public offerings, 
  • Organizing the Issuance of debt instruments and stock exchange listings,
  • Debt security,
  • Providing advice on refinancing procedures, 
  • Assisting the clients on legal disputes arising out of financial leasing contracts, credit contracts and letters of credit 
  • Assisting the client for the recognition and enforcement of the court decisions and foreign arbitral awards regarding disputes arising out of the operations of the banks and financial institutions.