Health and Medicine Penal Law

As Ahmet Yum Law Firm we assist our clients regarding the contractual or administrative law disputes in the field of the health law. In addition to the intellectual property protection strategies we also assist our clients on matters and disputes regarding malpractice, professional liability of medical doctors, disputes concerning patient rights. We provide extensive legal consultancy matters related to health and medicine law, including but not limited to extraction of pharmaceutical raw materials, distribution and sales of such materials in the form of medicine. Additionally we also provide legal support to our clients regarding the sales and distribution of medical devices.

  • Preparation of  commercial contracts concerning operations in the pharmaceutical  and  medical device sector,
  • Preparation and negotiation of purchase and sale contracts of pharmaceutical raw materials, 
  • Preparation and negotiation of pharmaceutical production and development contracts  as well as clinical research contracts,
  • Executing  applications made for medicine brands,
  • Executing patent procedures concerning pharmaceutical findings,
  • Preparation and negotiation of distributorship, confidentiality, contract manufacturing contracts,
  • Drafting confidentiality contracts,
  • Litigations arising from the violation of trademark and patent rights,
  • Execution of criminal suits and claims for damages arising from errors in medical interventions,
  • Consultancy aimed at registration of sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals,
  • Consultancy aimed at imports and exports of medical devices,
  • Executing necessary procedures for the establishment of medical device sales centers ad branches,
  • Resolution of legal and penal disputes arising from malpractice, professional liability of physicians and patient rights.