Real Property Law and Construction Projects

As Ahmet Yum Law firm, we provide legal assistance to our clients in all stages of their projects involving real property or construction starting from the procurement of the real property including but not limited to construction contracts, the execution of the projects as well as the resolution of disputes related to the real estate law and property law. We have provided full support to our clients in many extensive and complex investment projects ranging from port constructions to shopping malls. Our legal team is fully equipped and qualified to offer such legal services for the investors. 

  • Preparation and negotiation of preliminary contracts for the sale of the property,
  • Preparation and negotiation of the  property sale  contract,
  • Preparation and negotiation of lease contracts,
  • Conducting procedures related to real estate investment trusts , preparation and execution of contracts,
  • Obtaining construction licenses and occupancy permits and making necessary applications at the government agencies for the license procurement,
  • Preparation and negotiation of mortgage documents,
  • Negotiation of contracts needed while the construction project is in progress,
  • Preparation and negotiation of intermediation contracts,
  • Resolution of disputes arising from the property ownership law, 
  • Preparation and negotiation of construction agreements  in return for land share,
  • Preparation and negotiation of shopping mall  lease contracts,
  • Actions for the annulment and registration of the title deed.