Inheritance disputes

As Ahmet Yum Law Firm, we provide client specific legal advice by analyzing the priorities of our clients accordingly find the best strategies to proceed such as resolving the dispute in an amicable manner or litigating the probate disputes. Furthermore, by analyzing the priorities of the client we advise our clients to choose the most appropriate course of action to construct their will. Additionally, we also provide guidance on legal compliance of your unilateral and bilateral acquisitions. 

  • Preparation of the articles of foundation and trust institution procedures,
  • Drafting and finalizing the will,
  • Drafting inheritance division agreements,
  • Assisting the clients for the court procedures regarding the annulment of the will,
  • Litigation for cancellation due to probate dispute /hiding assets from the heir,
  • Action for reduction for the heir whose rights have been violated,
  • Assisting the clients on the annulment of the certificate of inheritance and related litigation procedures,
  • Disputes regarding inheritance offsets.